Okay since I heard of this company called Zoogue since there many marketing stunts I always wanted to try their iPad case I have used their iPhone 4 social shell case on my iPhone 4 and heard good stuff about their iPad cases now I did some research on this case before writing up the post like I usually do with the product I am reviewing and found there was recently an update with this product and that the velcro that you use on the ipad case has been replaced as you see Tim (the ceo of Zoogue) demo in the CES 2013  video below

I wouldn’t like the updated case for one reason is I don’t like strips of magnets cause if I brush up against my iPad and wallet it could wipe out my cards now out of most of the ipad cases I have reviewed I really like the case genius pro for the Edge/Border Around the iPad Provides Corner Drop Protection,Ultra Fine Micro Fiber Interior and a few features that blew me away I didn’t expect was the Edge/Border Enhances The Speaker Volume and it really does work unless your outside in a covered gasibo then forgot it you wont be able to hear your iPad with everyone else speaking get your self some Plantronics BackBeat 216 Stereo Headphones with Mic which I reviewed a while back the best so far anyways getting back to the post I really like the Secure Hand/Wrist Strap which you can also use as a car headrest iPad mount for when you have a long car ride or decide to let your kid or cousin watch a movie  also something neat I found out is that Zoogue also donates One Dollar from every sale goes to support Non-Profit Agencies such as Children International which is very cool over all I was quite happy with the Zoogue iPad case if you would like to buy this case you pick it up here or check out the many other iPad Cases on the mobile fun site

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