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Zixtro Flash Bike Mount For iPhone 4S / 4



Since getting my iPhone a year ago I have looked for a stable mount to put my iPhone in where it didn’t look goofy and I could  use it in both portrait and landscape mode Well now I don’t have to worry anymore thanks to the Zixtro Flash Bike Mount For iPhone 4S / 4 from Mobilefun This mount is manufactured from an injection moulded plastic and designed to include a lightweight honeycomb construction with premium high-impact materials for optimal strength-to-weight ratio. This means that the mount can with stand the shocks from uneven road cycling while providing a firm and stable platform for your iPhone to be held securely. Installing this mount is easy just place your device on your handlebars in either landscape or portrait orientation you may have to unscrew to be able to turn it a bit while biking. You can map out your routes using GPS specific apps, measure the distances you have travelled and even listen to your favorite tunes via the speaker or headphones One thing I really like about this mount is you don’t have to take the mount off and can just slip your iPhone out of the case or you can place and remove your device with one hand through a quick-release locking mechanism giving you the ability to fully focus on enjoying the ride. All buttons and features are fully accessible in the mount including speaker and microphone Additionally, the mount is rear camera compatible allowing it to be adjusted to a vertical angle suitable for video recording activities. Overall I love this mount since its been the easiest and best water resistent iPhone 4 Cover  I have used for my bike and it’s priced just right for anyone’s budget

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