We are all want to to look styling with our iPhones while going out for a morning run or walk and you and not get tired up so thats where the Zippit Anti-Tangle Earphones from MobileFun  with Zippit iPhone 5 Headphones you can easily zip the cable up to prevent tangles and also give you maximum comfort while listening to your music. The adjustable zip gives you more control over your headphones. If you’re listening to your music with a friend, unzip the cord all the way down and you can both share one pair of headphones. If you’ve finished listening to your music zip the cord all the way to the top and it prevents tangles. Now you might be wondering what they sound like these stereo headphones offer a average sound value in a small and lightweight package, allowing you to listen to your music comfortably wherever you go something I wish the Zippit came with were more then then two different sized silicone ear tips it would  give you more of a choice for different sized ears I ended up using some other ear tips from one of my favorite earphones  to suit my ears giving me a more comfortable listening experience. Now onto the standard 3.5mm connector cable where the zipper ends its quite thin which I think over time might break I wish they would of coated this in plastic like some of other earbuds I have. These headphones are compatible with most modern mobile phones and the clothed tangle free cord means that you’ll be able to simply plug them in when you need to use then without having to untangle them each time Overall I really liked these zipper buds they are both fun and stylish and dont break the bank

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