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ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3″ TriCell Armor 10000mAh Extended Battery + Black TriCell TPU Case Review




Everybody has seen or even had a phone with an external battery with a case. But what separates the good external battery’s from the good ones? Well, that’s a good question and today we are going to find out the answer while reviewing the ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3″ TriCell Armor 10000mAh Extended Battery + Black TriCell TPU Case. ZeroLemon has a lot going for them and they’ve created one of the best external battery cases on the market, in my opinion. You will also find that Zerolemon is a little different than other external batteries out there.



  • The world’s highest capacity Galaxy Mega Battery at 10000mAh. More than 3 times the original capacity & slimmer than other manufacturer’s extended battery
  • Newly Redesign full Edge Wrap TPU Case-in-One Construction built to endure hard drops & heavy shocks. Double Corner Technology to reduce shock from natural drop angles. No more brittle Back Covers that offers no protection to your phone.


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The Review:

Lets start out by talking about how this battery separates itself from every thing else out there. The case is different because you’ll notice that the case does not actually have a built-in batter on it. You’ll notice that the battery and the case come in two different little boxes as well. Well, This whole idea is different from every other idea out there. The other external battery’s out there just charge the stock battery that’s already in your phone. This amazing idea is totally different, You actually take out your stock battery, put the battery that you got from ZeroLemon in there then put the case over the whole phone.

This battery holds 10000mAh. Just that is simply amazing. You can go 2-3 whole days without charging your phone and probably go a week without charging your phone with little use. This has changed the game when it comes to external battery’s. The case is very cool, it has a very nice sleek design that feels very good in hand.

You would think that the battery plus the case would add lots of bulk. Well, in this case it doesn’t add much at all. I was very shocked by this. The Mega 6.3 is already big enough and this is an amazing thing to have if you want that battery that can last you days at a time while also not adding to its size much at all. All of the buttons are very easily accessible and the wholes in the case get rid of any muffling of out loud audio other cases might cause. Also, the 3.5mm headphone jack and the charging outlets are very easy to get to and I had no problems with them at all.


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In Conclusion:

All in all this thing is awesome. The whole idea gave me a different outlook on external battery’s with cases. It would be cool if they added more colors other than black or they had different designs but I honestly love the design and I also always have a black case on my phone. This goes down as one of my favorite products I have ever reviewed. So go check them out and be amazed like me. These things run for $49.99 on their site which is down below. A very good product for the price!


Amazing Product – 10/10


Check Them Out:

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