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Zenus Prestige Lettering Diary Series (Pearl Brown) for Samsung Galaxy S4 Review



This is the first ever time that I have reviewed Zenus cases. To be honest I had a high expectation of the case because of how it is protraited on MobileFun. Lets see if it lives up to that expectation and why should you pick this up for your Galaxy S4.

Worth the Purchase? : Yes
Where? : MobileFun
Price : £29.95

Main Features

  • Handmade from high quality materials
  • Internal pockets have space for credit cards and Money Notes
  • Rugged design keeps your phone fully protected
  • Made for the Samsung Galaxy S4 with snug fit
  • Nice felt lining inside the case to protect Galaxy S4 while case is in use

At first glance, the case looks very classy and quite attractive to the eye. I was very impressed with the craftsmanship of the case and fit nice and snugly on the Galaxy S4. Also present on the case is a nice chunky lay on the table design, which means that you can lay your device face down a desk, if you don’t want to flip the front flap over and have no worries about your devices screen being scratched.

Cut-outs present on the case :

  • Power on/off button
  • Volume Rockers
  • IR Blaster
  • In-call and noise isolation microphones
  • 3.5mm headphone port
  • Micro USB charging port
  • In call speaker
  • Speaker
  • Camera and Flash

The case features two pocket on the inside flap , which you can place notes, credit cards or money notes. I have found the inclusion of these pockets quite useful during my 3 week reviewing period. Another feature that I found useful was the cut out for the in-call speaker. The cut out was very accurate and the front flap ensured that my face wasn’t touching the screen of my phone and kept it clean, while I was taking a call and it also ensures that the screen is safe, when not in use.

With the case is a nice fold out sheet that displays all the other cases Zenus offer for the Galaxy S4, which is quite useful because if you like one case you might want to get another.

The case has nice diamond sparkle affect, which some people might think is abit weird on a case. To be honest I didn’t like it at first but it slowly grew on me and now I actually quite like it. If you are looking for a case that offers great protection, then look no further because two weeks into the review, I accidentally dropped my phone onto tiles and thanks to the Zenus case, my Galaxy S4 came out completely unscaved, thank god.


As soon as the case came in the post I knew that what I had was premium case for the Galaxy S4. The design is quite attractive, it offers great protection and comes at a great price. If you are on the search for a great case for your Galaxy S4 , then look no further because once you buy this one , you will not want to change, trust me.

Rating – 10/10 – Flawless

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