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Z-Roya [Robot-Bear] Dual Layer Hybrid Armor Shock Absorption Protection with Stand for Samsung Galaxy S8



“Life can be CRAZY” How many times have you thought that I bet if you dropped your phone you might be thinking WHY ME well thankfully there is some tough cases out there to help save your phone the problem is some cost way more then most budgets will allow for a simple tough case that still takes the heat that the other more expensive cases do Today I have a case to tell you about it’s from a company on Amazon called Z-Roya  Today I am going to review the Z-Roya [Robot-Bear] Dual Layer Hybrid Armor Shock Absorption Protection with Stand for Samsung Galaxy S8

Where ? :  Amazon 

Price : $12.99 FREE shipping Amazon If you have Prime

 The case is made out of a TPU inside which helps cushion the impact and Polycarbonate shell to help support the TPU together it gives it a nice form fitting thin not bulky design Thanks to this design the case feels great in the hand and your S7 won’t feel bulky I like these cases If I go out on the weekend and on a trip or If I am staying home just looking at a email or watching a short video on Youtube and decide to doze off and the phone falls on the ground at least I know it’s protected

The case features raised buttons and cut-outs for:

  • Volume Rocker
  • Earphone jack
  • Power Button
  • Speaker,Charging Port
  • Camera and Flash

Once the case is on, it has a great protection and you’re able to  “lay on the table”  which means you can lay your phone face down on the table without the worry of getting it scratched while face down on a desk or countertop. But I would still get a Glass Screen Protector so dust and other material doesn’t hurt your screen.


After using this case for a few days, I tried my best to look for fault it in any way. But I couldn’t find any The case offers style and protection to your S7. It’s a perfect case for casual around the town and those who enjoy the look of their S7 with or without a skin on it.


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