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Y-Cam EVO HD Smart Home Wireless Security Camera



Today I am going to review a wireless IP camera from a company called Y-Cam together with his business partner, Sheng Tang, they mapped out the solution they wanted to use for themselves. A home security system that could be accessed and controlled from anywhere in the world. “We knew straight away this was what we wanted to do, so we started developing and jumped on a flight to visit some factories”, Devin recalled. By the end of 2006, the pair of them had a prototype, and the first Y-cam security product went on sale in 2007. The camera costs about $146.00 USD and $4 shipping so that’s all you will pay. So not bad for the price but how does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


Product Name: Y-Cam EVO HD Smart Home Wireless Security Camera

Price:  $146.00 + $4.00 shipping on Amazon US from Brandhut 

The Review:

The packaging, is a box packed tight in foam the box shows features and specifications of the IP camera on the side and the front and back of the box the Y-Cam logo is visible on the front of the box. The camera does have an identifying mark on it which is the Y-CAM logo in the front right corner. This camera might be one of the smallest I’ve seen from other IP cameras I’ve reviewed but don’t worry it still gets the job done inside in my opinion…

The camera does come with an Instruction manual in English which is more of a quick start guide and all the other hardware needed to mount the camera indoors it’s not rated for the outdoors but they do have cameras you can buy for the outside  its super simple to set up but make sure you know where other wires are before drilling and feeding the usb cable through the wall  and be careful while you are on a ladder But otherwise all you have to do is download the YCAM app on your phone (android and apple) as the instructions say 


So yes the camera is priced kinda high for some wireless cameras, but is it even worth it? I would say yes if you want to check up on your front door or maybe your driveway while you are at home and outside of your wifi network since it’s cloud based, so is one of the many things you can control if you automate your home, since it work with wifi, so all you need to control all this is a z wave controller like the one you can find here. The camera is well built and does a night/day mode which you can remove the night mode but be warned if you have this camera in a window the glare from the night-light will block your view and there will always be a power light on so people will know there is a camera in the window in the past with some other cameras I was able to turn that light off but this one didn’t have option which is a shame Also if you are looking for a camera with zoom this camera will do this but it’s like the camera zoom on your phone doesn’t really do great and might be a blur when really zoomed on a subject  I also wish it had a pan and tilt  and better zooming with the lens but looking at It’s got a good motion sensor which lets you know when activity is detected and you adjust that within the app to where you want to trigger it.

So in all, it’s not bad for an IP camera but if you want to have better zoom and tilting  for your security need then I would look into another camera.

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