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Wrist Band Stylus Pen



So you are thinking to yourself why do I need a Wrist
Band Stylus Pen
from Mobilefun for my smart
phone well sometimes carrying around a stylus in the
pocket might not be an option so that’s where
this stylus pen is the ingenuity of combing fashion
with the practicality of a stylus pen. Its made from durable
silicone that fits around your wrist securely. This gives you a
capacitive stylus at your fingertips for easy use with all the
popular Android and IOS tablets/Smartphones. One thing I don’t like
is the silicone material used it’s the
same material used in my keyboard protector I use and it
attracts so many oils from our hands that it makes it feel like we
rather not use the product but on the plus side incredibly
lightweight and comfortable making it practically
unnoticeable to the user people thought I was wearing one of
those charity wrist bands Now even though the site says it’s a
great accessory for kids and parents alike I have to
disagree sightly since I know growing up as a kid
and having 3 nephews if something is hard to
put on or take off its not going to be used by the
kid possibly if they could make it a bit easy for taking
it on and off and work on the oily issue then it could be
great that in mind it’s still okay if those problems don’t bug you
because it’s incredibly durable and waterproof and
the stylus doesn’t have to be an accessory just for your
wrist as you can secure it to various items including laptop bags,
keys or the inside of your car. This means you can have the stylus
at the place that is most convenient to you. Overall this
would make a great addition to your already growing S4 accessories
and I would totally think about getting one

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