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WinX DVD Ripper For Mac Review



Hi Guys Matthew here today with a review on WinX DVD Ripper For Mac.


So Lets Get Started.

If i had to described this software in two words i would say “Amazing Tool”

What i mean by that is it does everything you need and more. This softwares old design was horrible i mean it literally looked like Bill Gates made Windows XP all over again :D. But now it looks like Steve Jobs version of a ripper if you know what i mean 😉

With this software you have three options to rip from


.DVD Folder


This is very useful as now you have the ability to rip Software ISO’s directly from its disc. Also the software has implemented a huge variety of formats for your DVD File to be converted into. They even have a format for Windows! :L. It gets better all smartphones are supported! The most important thing is speed. Well i am pleased to say on a average one hour and thirty minute film it only took me thirty minutes to rip. Also this time is surprisingly the same for all format conversions.WinX DVD Ripper Shot

My conclusion on this software is that it is simply amazing. I

t does everything you need done with ripping a DVD. The current retail for this software on there website is $39.95 USD. Now i understand a lot of you will say that the price is a little to high. But for this piece of software it is totally worth it as most free ripping software you come around now a days that is free isn’t half as good as this and isn’t even half as fast.

I hope you guys enjoyed my review of this piece of software and make sure to check out my video review attached to this post.

If you would like to Trial this before buying please do so by downloading it here 

Thanks for reading!


Buy link (60% discount):

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