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Here’s a cool android app with plans to also be a iOS app and its called Voxle and its a new location-based social network basically all you do is share your place and meet the people around you kinda like Facebook but without the rubbish that site can have,use this multi purpose platform for free communication, dating, organizing parties, keeping you close to your friends and those who share your interests. of course privacy is our their top priority you have the control of your data and your identity unlike with some other social networks your personal sensitive information and online status are only shared with people you allow their aim is to serve the user and they will not charge our community any fees and never will so what is special about Voxle you can save time and money Voxle has a very small memory usage and is fast even on old android devices. With Voxle you can chat, phone and text with your friends locally and all over the world for free. Why would you spend all that money It’s easy just get Voxle and never have bills for communication again. Shout to the people around you posting a message on location, this is what they call bark. You need someone to walk your dog? You need help moving some furniture? You have to sell concert tickets for the same evening? Just bark it instantly and somebody in your area will hear you. and here’s the cool thing Barks with no response will vanish after 24 hours better than that newspaper ad which stays on the newspaper even long after the service has been filled you can create events on location and invite old and new friends. Looking for some buddies to play football with? Want to see where your friends are hanging out? Just interact with them and if they allow, you can also view them on the map. and just like Barks , Events vanish after taking place. you can even receive Voxle credits Never pay for Voxle Credits. They are the reward for being an active user. Posting barks, creating events, inviting friends, filling out your profile and supporting local business. Be vocal in your community. Activate your Superpowers With Superpowers you can activate special features to achieve better search results. You want to see who likes you and matches with your interest? Use Superpowers to find your perfect match for friendship or more. Receive voxle credits and activate your superpowers. Interact with your local scene: New in town? Meet instantly with friends or new people and see what happens in your neighborhood. Be spontaneous in your daily life with Voxle you can see who is around and what is going on. If you don’t like to share your location, no problem. Voxle allows personal settings where you can decide exactly who can view you. Something that is quite cool is you can profit from Location Based offers Voxle works with local businesses. As a member of the Voxle community, you receive special offers which fit with your interests in your area. Get coupons from merchants, shops, cofeés and bars. Save money, check out new locations. So Voxle is supported on most Android devices v2.2 and above something that is cool Voxle is a small team of developers unlike some of the big guys out there  trying hard to serve you guys, give them  a chance and don’t uninstall, users are joining every day, you might miss just the one

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