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My Voice Recorder App for iOS



So every once in a while I like to record using my iPad or iPhone but find the typical UI on the apple standard app Memo Record isnt the best so Developer Milad Fakhr who works for Fakhrapps an app development company based in Dijon, France announced recently a updated version of the My Voice Recorder application, available  on iOS in the Utilities category. This intuitive app offers one touch recording, stop and save and multi-format storing and recording. A simple touch design, compliant with iOS 7, offers convenience for quick, on the spot recording anytime. My Voice Recorder is the only voice recorder app that is visually integrated with iOS 7 for a seamless, user-friendly experience. Voice memos and email makes the application an ideal choice for professionals and college students alike. The files are automatically organized with time stamp displays to help for quicker and more efficient file retrieval. Files from My Voice Recorder can also easily be uploaded to any iTunes library for easy future access. This process is as simple as connecting the device to the computer, opening iTunes, selecting the device, clicking on My Voice Recorder under the Apps tab and then saving the files to any folder. This allows users to keep all of their media in one centralized location that lends itself to automatic organization in the future without converting files. Overall I really like this app the UI is the best part about it where it be on my iPad or iPhone  I know I dont have to go to the search on my phone to pull up memo record which isn’t the best in my thoughts but thats where My Voice Recorder comes in I like that you can email the audio by just hold-pressing on the clip  Now its listed at the attractive price of just $1.99, the creator is scheduling a promotion for a fixed time period, dropping the price to just $0.99. Memos can be transferred to Mac or PC via USB for versatile reference and use across multiple platforms. Auto file naming allows recordings to be located quickly.

* Compatible and visually integrated with iOS 7
* One Touch Recording
* One Touch Stop & Save,
* Storing recording both in raw and mp3 formats
* Voice memos
* Voice email
* Easy to use 
* Voice Email Up to 5MB 
* Record Timer & Playback Counter 
* Auto File Naming 
* Displays File Sizes and Time Stamps

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 6.0 or later
* Optimized for iPhone 5
* Size: 2.9 MB

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