So if you are looking for a keyboard that resembles the Apple wireless keyboard then look no more than to the UtechSmart
Super Slim Mini Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Keyboard this QWERTY layout keyboard is slim styling, comfortable and ergonomic design 100% compatible with Apple iPad and iPhone and has 78 keys and Easy to set-up it has an Auto sleep/wake
function which conserves battery life. I did however have some problems with it connecting to my iMac once in a while but every
time I used it on my ipad there was no problem but I should also note if you are thinking about getting this for use with a mac mini
then you will be out of luck as this keyboard will not work with the mac mini and if you are one who needs to know when CAPS LOCK is on then again you are out of luck since there is no light on the button for CAPS LOCK Overall if you can get over all these problems then it makes a great keyboard and much cheaper then going out and getting an Apple Wireless Keyboard but for now I’ll stick with my authentic apple wireless keyboard since I like the feel of the real aluminum but I will be using this keyboard as a backup with my iPad using the app OnLive Desktop

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