Attention PC Gamers here’s a mouse you will love its the UtechSmart HighPrecision Laser Gaming Mouse this mouse will equip
gamers with the latest technology breakthroughs. With it, you can excute every movement with a sharpness far beyond your competitors. When every millisecond counts, it could decide victory during gaming it has a 8000 DPI high-precision gaming laser for better cursor control at any hand speed via high-grade microchip.Store up to two ready-to-play profiles, adjusted by the
bottom button of the gaming mouse 9 precisely placed programmable buttons. Something I really like about the mouse is
it’s perfectly honed shape, carefully crafted with natural curves to keep up comfortable play for hours.Low-friction underside glides effortlessly over almost any surface. Equipped with Omron micro-switches to cut effort during gameplay. Now you know this mouse is of the highest quality since it has a braided cord and gold-plated plug allow for enhanced durability and a Avago
ADNS-9800 Sensor offers dramatic improvements in high-speed motion detection – up to 150ips and 30G. Something I should let you know to fully enjoy all the features of this mouse you will need Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 since Mac OS it acts more like a regular mouse with speed (see video below) but it’s still a good mouse for the price

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