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UtechSmart 10000mAh External Battery Pack



We all travel with our smartphones and know the headache they cause since the battery on these don’t last forever so to not worry about our phones going dead we look to battery packs and battery cases Today I am going to talk about the UtechSmart 10000mAh External Battery Pack which has a slim & fashionable design its only 0.6 inch thick or as I said in my video reminds me of the S4 length It can easily fits into your bag to give instant power and charge your devices anytime, anywhere it comes in a nice clear plastic you will of course need to charge it first before using I charged mine into the wall and in less than 3 hours it was ready to go now it took me some time to get it work normally with other chargers I have tried you just press the on button once and it starts working but with the UTechsmart charger you have to HOLD the power button for about three secs to turn off or on its not a big deal for me but it would make things easy to just be able to press it once and forgot it where it will turn off automatically. The charger comes with a set of four connectors with a spring like universal usb cable to use to charge your device it comes in handy if you don’t feel like carrying around many different phone cables for me that’s why I have an ID America Crosslink Now for iPhone’s you will get about 400-500% of battery life from this charger  something I should note is there is two different usb slots on the battery one for android and one for apple this charger will not charge devices with input currents lower than 80mAh, including iPod Nano and some Bluetooth and GPS devices. They strongly recommend using an adapter with output current 1A or over to charge UtechSmart US-PB-10000 power bank. Otherwise, charge time will be much prolonged. Now overall I do like this and love it comes with a nice travel bag to help keep it protected while in the backpack if you are going on long plane flights, road trips, or where ever  the Utechsmart External Battery Pack is perfect to charge your mobile devices

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