If you are like me a plastic case,skin or even sleeve only sometimes doesn’t cut it if you are at work. I’ve been talking about this company tapping into the Macbook line up for a long time and they finally did it. they still kept to the harder shell case we have all grown to love from them so what case company am I going to tell you about it’s from a company called URBAN ARMOR GEAR their products show the independent spirit of their own designers and represent a dedication to superior quality and craftsmanship. their distinctive cases are engineered to protect your gear from the rigors of an active lifestyle and enhance the utility of your device. their Composite Cases show a patented design that features a hard outer shell and a soft impact resistant core. Although visually striking, the unique shape of the case also provides structural rigidity while minimizing size and weight. The materials are resistant to UV rays and common chemicals found in sun block and hand creams. The marriage of these design elements and materials working in unison maximizes protection for your device. UAG cases are available in an array of vibrant colors.Today I am going to review the URBAN ARMOR GEAR ICE CASE FOR MACBOOK PRO 15″ WITH TOUCH BAR

Where ? : Amazon , Urban Armor Gear

Price : $79.95

Like all UAG cases I have reviewed their cases for the Macbook Pro are specifically designed for maximum protection, with a hard outer shell to protect the macbook from impacts and a soft rubber core that ensures a tight fit and keeps your macbook in place. They have gone beyond protection and added several useful features for your macbook. ports are easily accessible, Shock absorbing bumpers on the corner are integrated into the design and provide coverage where the Macbook is most vulnerable. The corners feature scratch-resistant pads that keep your macbook safe from scratches and abrasions.

Once the case is on it has the best scratch and drop protection I didn’t want to go too much on the drop protection since I wasn’t using my own my macbook for this but I did want to tell you I thought this 15 inch case seemed thicker and more protective than the 13 inch macbook case I reviewed it’s basically the same but I can say if you have used the cheeper amazon macbook cases you are in for a shocker and to quote our current president when you hear him say on tv something is better “you’re getting much better macbook case” said in his voice :).


After using this case for about a month My friend and I couldn’t find any real faults,  I like this case alot more then other macbook cases I’ve tried out and it beats any other plastic macbook case out there some of them rarely last me a year If you do have some trouble with installing or removing UAG made a nice video which I’ll link below. The case offers style and protection to your macbook It goes great with the Apple design and is well worth every penny you will spend on this case but I do wish they would come with some colors and patterns they already have for their phone cases like the Cobalt Blue and Citron 

Rating 10/10 –Impressed by this case