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Ultima S is the evolution of the original successfully funded stylish all aluminium universal in car mount, now even more minimalistic.



Brisbane, AU February 10,2014- Over 3 years ago we wanted to change the way people thought about and experienced in car mounts. We have all been bombarded with cheap bulky and quite ugly looking mounts that completely fail in the style category and were a good start to functionality but always fell short.

Because of this, ULITMA was born, the high end, high quality stylish all aluminium universal in car mount. It was launched on kickstarter back in in early 2012 and thanks to a successful campaign we have been able to deliver this experience to many people all around the world.

It wasn’t easy to create the best in car mount and we ourselves experienced many lessons in the game of product development and manufacturing.

Because of this experience we are able to bring you the next step for ULTIMA in a new way but by keeping what already works so great and at a more affordable price. Not to mention we can also bring it to you much much faster with parts already completed and shipping systems already in place.


Ultima Model S in made almost entirely out of aluminium for the best quality product that will last. It uses our already proven suction cup that is extremely strong, durable and will withstand all weather condition all while keeping glued to the windscreen but then also easily removable when required. On top of all this, the suction cup is completely user replaceable just in case, extending Ultima’s life cycle even further.

Our suction cup along with our improved ball joint provides rock solid stability for the best in car experience that other mounts simply cannot provide.


 Now to the new and exciting part! With Ultima’s already sleek and minimalistic design it now features the most stylish, very compact and very strong front pad to attach almost any smartphone with a flat or slightly rounded back including many add on cases. It will attach in seconds and hold until released. With it’s extremely low profile, you will think your smartphone is floating on air!
Designed so that no part of the front plate is visible when using an iPhone and larger. Giving it the cleanest look from any holder on the market.

Our front sticky pad system is so strong it can easily hold the weight and size of an iPad or large tablet!

The best part is that the front pad is completely washable and reusable over and over. To regain 100% strength, simply run the pad under warm water and let it sit and dry!


Another upgrade from our original Ultima is the ball joint, it now features a metal ball joint which provides a smooth rotating action that will not diminish overtime giving you the most consistency over the life of the product.

 Again using what already works great, the majority of Ultima Model S is actually already done and in physical form ready to ship. Most of the design in unchanged so we have already spent the time and money on molds to make the needed parts.

What we need now is to create the new front mount, ball joint and sticky pads in mass. If demand is very high then we will look at die casting the front mount and metal ball to help reduce costs otherwise both parts can be CNC machined in smaller quantities.

The front sticky pad mold is already complete we are just waiting to see what quantity we need to order based on the number of backers. The sample we currently use on our prototype is directly from this mold which will be used for mass production.


MARCH 2012 – JULY 2013: The original ULTIMA was manufactured and delivered and as ULTIMA S will be using 90% of the original parts this means that molds and a large quantity of parts are already completed and have also had real world testing for over a year. In this time we refined our suction cup which has proven to be exceptional along with the suction cup locking lever.

OCT – DEC 213: ULTIMA S – Conceptualising, designing, prototyping and testing of the new front mount, metal ball joint and PU sticky pads. The front mount has been fully prototyped and quoted for mass production along with the metal ball joint upgrade and the mold created for the PU sticky pad prototype will be the same for mass production so that is already complete.


END APRIL 2014: Gather product colour numbers, produce front mount, ball joint and PU pad based on numbers. Also organise already made parts or produce more parts based on numbers.

MAY – JUNE 2014: Assemble units and ship off to our fulfilment centre (which is already set up and ready to go). Deliver units to backers!


Due to the fact that we only need 3 more parts to be produced and because of our previous experience we are able to increase dramatically our chances of delivery on time as per our delivery goal.

We already have our factories and manufactures lined up and ready to go and also our fulfilment centre based in the states is all set up as we have been using them for the past year or so.

As we have been through this entire process before facing an enormous amount of challenges we are extremely confident that we will be able to deliver no matter what unexpected circumstances arise. We feel as though we have experienced almost everything and now know what to look out for and how to handle it.

As long as our mass manufactured parts come out just fine we don’t foresee any other instances that will cause delays.

The only instance that will set our delivery time back is if we receive quite a large number of backers with even this only simply needing us to produce more parts which will take more time.


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