So theres alot of cases for the iPhone 6 to help it stay protected but what if you want a case that uses feature in your iPhone that barely gets used well then I have a case to tell you about it’s from a company called ULAK which a company based on brand catering to fashion minded people wanting to add some individuality as well as protection to their smartphone or tablet.  Ulak offers a full lineup of cases from Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG and more.Today I am going to review the ULAK Lumenair Series LED iPhone 6 Case

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Price : $9.99

The case is made of  a high quality durable PC (Polycarbonate) shell and a inner silicone whitch is glow in the dark and will light up when the back camera flashes This case is built for strength and is lightweight Thanks to this design the case feels great in the hand no bulky feeling  The case comes in a variety of colors

The case features cut-outs and raised areas for:

  • Volume Rocker
  • Earphone jack
  • Speaker
  • Camera and “Flash Cover Slide Over”
  • Power Button

Once the case is on it has good scratch minor drop protection so if you are looking for case from small drop off a desk or bed then you might be ok wife or husband throwing the phone out the car window  maybe… But you would need to have a screen protector this case comes with one but I suggest a glass screen protector almost any of them will do good now there is front edge protection so you can lay your phone face down on the table without the worry that some of the screen will be touching and still you will know that you are getting a text or a news update since the phone will flash just as you see in the video ULAK demoed


After using this case for a few days , I couldn’t find any real faults besides it being minor drop protection but this case was made for that feature  I was happy to see the lay on the table design but still get a glass screen protector would be best in my opinion so the front screen is 100% protected for the those sidewalk drops The case goes great with the Apple simple design since its see thru and shows off the apple logo on the back something any “apple fan” like myself (not a fanboy I do like android too) I really like this case and how the ULAK team though to use a simple feature on our iPhones besides using bluetooth or another app we would have to download

Rating 10/10 –Impressed by this case

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The ULAK Lumenair Series LED is also available for Samsung S6 

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