Today we take a look at another product from TYLT called the Tylt Band case for the iphone 5 which is a classic 2-tone case providing greatest impact resistance in an ultra-slim profile. The case adds only 1/8″ (3mm) to the dimensions of your phone so it’s not a bulky case The colored band which you can get in other colors,  liner and facing edge is a soft silicone,just like there  award-winning BAND Car Charger which I heard good stuff about and the back and sides are a rugged, yet flexible, impact resistant shell the best material I think for making a tough case and for a snug fit now this case wouldn’t be the best case if you work at a construction site even with the protection it provides for the back I would still recommend you get a Every1 case from ballistic but if you are just one person who drops their case coming out of the car then I would totally recommend this case for you Be sure to pick this case up and maybe even a energi charger from the TYLT website


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