You might have remembered my review on the HTC
case from trident a while back well today I am
bringing you the review of a the Trident
Aegis Case for Apple iPhone 5
from Mobilefun like I said back
in the HTC review this case does offer the best of both worlds
which is excellent protection and keeping the case as slim as
possible. The case is made with exposed silicone corners to
impact away from the device for bump and shock protection and the
hardened polycarbonate plastic shell not only resists impact
damage like a normal drop out of the pocket but allows the
case to easily slide into your pocket or purse. All buttons are
fully functional through the case and the audio jack and USB port
are accessible through silicone plugs. Something I found to be a
bit hard was installing the case usually you put the silicone shell
on first then the hard back next but when you put the first layer
on then go to the back shell the buttons get stuck and it makes for
a nightmare but anyways going back to good the slightly raised
Trident logo on the back of this cases also serves as a grip for
when you are using your phone on a desk or table. Ensuring it
doesn’t slide around and looking good at the same time. Overall if
you can get over the nightmare of the buttons getting stuck it’s a
good case but if you want to explore other
iPhone 5 cases
before taking this one then by all means
hunt away

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