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Totallee iPhone SE / 5/ 5S Tempered Glass HD Clarity Screen Protector



A glass screen protector is something that I will forever say is one product that anyone who owns a smart phone or tablet must get when you get a device don’t waste your time with the cheap plastic protectors. Recently I found out a company I’ve reviewed for in the past called Totallee which is a very new company making terrific quality smart phone and tablet cases as I wrote a few other reviews for them in the past  but I would say they are still in the starting off stages of a company they have cases for Samsung S4, S5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 6/6 Plus and any more Today I am going to review the Totallee iPhone SE / 5/ 5S tempered glass HD clarity screen protector



Product Name: Totallee iPhone SE / 5/ 5S Tempered Glass HD Clarity Screen Protector

Provider:  Totallee  Use the discount code 

Price: $9.99   Amazon 


The Review:

71WsDD1+W6L._SL1500_The packaging, is a  simple thin plastic which separates from the top where the screen protector is packed into a holder also instructions, alcohol pad and lint free cloth for cleaning the screen before placing the protector on the phone 51ZUC8KxOOL

71JgHr+58kL._SL1500_First of all that makes this screen protector great it’s Bubble free making the install  one simple step the protector easily bonds to the screen without rubbing so no worries about using your credit card to smooth it out it’s one of the reasons I prefer a glass screen protector to others out there




The Totallee Glass Protector protects your phone from hard scratches and impacts the shatterproof glass is rated 9H hardness which makes it safe and is only .33mm thin this screen protector. This protector indeed lives up to the fresh design in my opinion…


So yes the screen protector is priced well, but is it even worth it? I would say Yes! if you are tired of using regular old screen protectors glass protectors last longer and really do help save the original glass and feel like the real glass on your device. I do wish the kit came with jelly or some type of buttons like some past screen protectors I’ve checked out, Also I would pay attention and use care when you install or get a family member who is careful with glass you only get one chance and it’s easy to break the protector if you bend the protector.


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