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TOTALLEE Clear Flip 360 for iPhone 6



So if you are looking for a case so your new iPhone 6 stays protected but you don’t like the bulk and also be able to show off your apple logo  then most cases or even some skins give you just for basic protection for your iPhone 6 then I have a case to tell you about it’s from a company called Totallee which is a very new company making terrific quality smartphone and tablet cases they are so new to the game that there website and facebook are still in the process of coming to life  as I wrote a few other reviews a few months ago I have seen few other reviews on Amazon after posting mine but I would say they are still in the starting off stages of a company while looking to see what others thought of the case They have cases for Samsung S4,S5,iPhone 5c and iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 6/6 Plus Today I am going to review the TOTALLEE Clear Flip 360 for iPhone 6

Where ? : Amazon ,

Price : $8.95 Free Shipping! Use Amazon Promo Code NHTECH10 for 10% Off

The case is made of  high quality TPU  which gives it a nice form-fitting design. Thanks to this design the case feels great in the hand this case also has a built in screen protector something you rarely see in today’s cases

The case features cut-outs for:

  • Volume Rocker
  • Earphone jack
  • Speaker
  • Camera and Flash
  • Power Button
  • Apple Cutout

Once the case is on it has great scratch and minor drop protection so if you are looking for case just in case of that rare drop off a desk then this case from Totallee is for you There’s no need for glass screen protector since it’s got the built in screen protector


After using this case for about a week , I couldn’t find any real faults I do like that the case is clear so it doesn’t cover up the beauty of the iPhone The case offers style and minor protection to your phone It goes great with the Apple simple design since its thin and bare  and shows the apple logo on the back we have come to love in our devices I still am holding out  hope Totallee will make cases for the iPad and Macbook line

Rating 10/10 –Impressed by this case


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