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Thoughts on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3



Being an avid apple fan person looking at all these Android
devices over the past few months has been quite hard to stomach but
I have come to sorta see the light for the all new Samsung
Galaxy Tab 3
maybe cause Samsung has the physical
home button where as I tried the Nexus 7 the button
was obsolete But some how I feel like they might of thought
above apple with the sync-wireless since now apple only allows for
wirelessly updating the iOS ,syncing your photos and when
you download a new app it gets put on every other device Now I am
not a big fan of this even though I know I can disable some of
these features it can just be confusing and not of a use to me
since I share my apple account with two only members of the family
I know with the kindle fire you can make users for each device and
set parent locks for those kids who would be on the device all day
but I am unsure about Galaxy Tab 3 having those features would make
some people very happy if they did Something that made me
laugh is Samsung put “A Powerful Tablet Doesn’t Have to Be
Complicated” wait last I check any tablet isn’t hard to
work my now 10 year nephew and 64 year coworker can work a
tablet just fine with no problem no matter if it’s a Kindle fire,
iPad or Galaxy Tab 3 But one thing that sorta made me
interested in this tablet but later made me think twice is using it
to control your tv I don’t know about you but I like a small
regular old remote something I can put on the arm of the lazy boy
rocker and fall asleep watching a movie and the remote falls off
the arm onto the ground or in the chair I wouldn’t be
happy if that were to happen to a tablet plus it’s just big Now I
could drown you with specs
but I will just tell you that the only messaging options besides a
twitter or google voice app is Email you guessed it no
iMessage or texting here But with all that in mind Samsung
does make some nice Samsung
Galaxy Tab 3 cases
I sure like the one in green
looks very nice but overall if you like the look and feel to the
Galaxy Tab 3 then don’t let me stop you just do a little homework
before you go out and buy this device just to make sure its
something you want

Chief Editor,casual dude just doing my thing on this rock getting the job done

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