So I love products that make my life easy and I love to talk about them so when I heard that Breffo the same people who made the  Spiderpodium Original were making a new product being called the  Gumstick which is very simple in both design and function I just had to look into this. The Gumstick™ bends and shapes to fit all Smartphones & mini tablets. The stand has been designed around everyday situations and can be used for holding phones in many different positions, allowing for viewing in both landscape and portrait modes this stand is both lightweight, strong, compact and highly portable and the Gumstick™ can easily be tucked into a bag or pocket, making it the perfect accessory to your busy on the go lifestyle This product is perfect for video calls, the Gumstick™ can be pulled from a pocket or bag and quickly molded into the ideal position for hosting an on the go conference call. Something I really like about this product since I like to watch videos and movies you can watch anywhere and everywhere you are!  Simply mold the Gumstick™ into your shape of choice.  Presto!  The ability to put the phone at any desired angle!  The perfect solution for the kids+movie+restaurant table combo Of course the number one priority is this product hold up the device and the answer is YES! the Gumstick™ is perfect in weight and balance, its flat tactile shape feels great in your hand yet it yearns to be molded it’s very addicting once you start bending the product you’ll just want to keep doing it!  So a brief history on how the Gumstick came to be is a member of the Breffo team got down to designing the perfect Smartphone stand for at home or on the move.  Every position is considered, every phone size on the market taken into account, the process is very detailed and very exciting! Of course if you are a apple fan like myself then you appreciate the design and form beauty, having it be portable for everyday use and travel ,lightweight and strong while it also bends flat for easy storage even if you are not an apple fan you should still appreciate this product since its compatible with all smartphones and of this is designed and manufactured exclusively in the UK not any over seas sourcing company  The flexibility and many ways to position the Gumstick™ allow creation to take place and we love creation! Following recipes in the kitchen becomes a piece of cake! and if Black isn’t your fancy they will be launching the Gumstick in six other colors Blue,Graphite,Green,Pink and Purple  So use your Gumstick™ in different a multitude of scenarios. From a shape to sit on a desk to a shape to hang from a shelf, there are no restrictions on how the GumStick™ can be used.  Clean and simple bedside stand?  No Problem! Lets Help FUND the Gumstick™ on Kickstarter

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