Hello guys Tyler here and today I am going to talk about Android N so lets get into it.

Not much has changed besides split window view, settings, and the quick settings panel, yes the app drawer is still there. A lot of people are saying its Touch-wiz for non Samsung devices, and I don’t agree with that one bit.

First of all, Touch-wiz is laggy, no matter what variant of it Samsung is using, seriously it’s like they purposefully made the operating system bad, they have had plenty of time to iron out the bugs, and get it fixed. Secondly, Touch-wiz, and Android N have no resemblance whatsoever, not to mention Samsung got rid of the app drawer as default. Last but not least, Really? Why does everyone have to compare things to other things, yes android got some things off of Samsung, but most of these things were all suggested by android users.

So I do believe Android N is the next step for google, they are already reinventing the Android market with their nexus lineup, and Android N brings a lot to the table for the Android pixel tablet.

Google managed to change a lot, yet keep it looking and feeling the same, and for that I give them props.

That was my thoughts on Android N Thanks for reading, have a nice day.