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The NEW! Macbook Air 11in



Okay so for most of you around 1pm EST yesterday you were siting at computers just waiting to see what new kinds of products & software apple was getting ready unwrap at WWDC 2013. The event or should I say stream was nicely put together  and I always look forward to seeing Phil Schiller up there on stage at any event and today was good for most the new Macbook air with come with the newest Intel fourth-gen “Haswell” processors  you can expect that these  4th-gen Core processors are quicker. even though Intel claims a 15 percent improvement, some  hands-on experience suggests the improvement is between 5 percent and 10 percent. Its far from mind-blowing, and casual users may not notice much difference between 4th-gen Core processors and the preceding generation.  But anyway you would think Apple might consider making some budget computers but still have some power to them for the basic user on a budget in today’s market , The new Macbook air will stay at $999 still making it the cheapest Macbook in Apple town BUT WAIT there is more you will get 128GB of SSD vs the 64 GB of SSD storage last year the next level from the base model which doubles your storage from last year from 256GB to  512 GB for only $1,199  Upgrading to a 512 GB is cheaper too You can get yourself a Macbook Air 11 in 512 GB for only $1,499 still a bit pricey but better than last year Now onto the design if you wanted to swap and trick someone for a bit you might be at a loss until they starting using it’s identical to last year’s version: same aluminum unibody construction, same ports, same 1,366×768-pixel 11.6-inch display, same keyboard and clickable trackpad. The design works the macbook air is still one of the best-feeling laptops . But, it’s no longer a cutting-edge design. however, a perfect one for standard laptop use. Something that is really good about is they don’t tend to make sweeping design changes to its products every year or even every three years. The thicker MacBook Pro’s stayed almost identical-looking since 2008. So even the air settled into a form. Glad Apple could get there act together unlike some other companies who change the design almost every year You don’t buy a computer for the looks you buy it for performance Just like when you are searching for a Macbook 11in cases you want it to stand up to what you put at it,The dual-core fourth-generation Intel Core i5 processor should offer a decent bump over last year, but graphics and SSD speed could be even bigger factors. Apple claims the new SSD technology in these Airs offers significant speed improvements over last year’s model.  Now something I though was cool but like Apple they always make us buy newer items like when they changed connectors on IOS devices now the new wi-fi standard is 802.11AC which I am sure is backward compatible but wont be able to experience the full speed kinda like USB 3.0 products in USB 2.0 ports but really if I needed a laptop not for video editing and just to get normal tasks done I would click though to the apple store buy me a Macbook 11 inch and then head over and look for a case so when I got it my Macbook would be protected when it comes to deciding PC or Mac it should always be a no brainer if you like faster performance

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