Today I am going to review an action camera from a company called TEC.BEAN is an brand selling on many different platforms amazon,walmart,ebay and Sears to name a few The camera is listed and sold for $59.00 but just like everything on amazon I’ve seen the price go up to $79.99, The camera comes with Free Shipping if you have Prime or if you buy from  So not bad for the price range but how does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


Product Name: TEC.BEAN 900 4K Action Camera

                                   Walmart     Amazon

The Review:

Okay last time I’ve checked out an action camera it was about a year ago on this site. It was my  Vikeepro and when I compared both that and the Tec.Bean There was a many differences but the only thing that was the same is that both came with accessories and it was the same price.

My experience as I said in the video below is very clear this camera was ok but it wasn’t my favorite a lot from the ability to use the camera with buttons and selecting options can be a bit tedious I didn’t use the app but I can say maybe it will be the same I did some reviews talk about the app not being the best the only reason you might want the app is when you mount your camera up in a tree, on a helmet and even outside on a car. But one or if you want to record a Youtube video showing yourself on camera this way you know how you look in the frame.

I’ve always liked sports cameras ever since my Kodak waterproof camera which is still a great camera but that had a fixed battery.  The TEC.BEAN comes with everything no matter the sport or outdoor activity you want to film. In terms of packing there is no waste of cardboard just a bunch of plastic zip bags you can reuse. The quality of each accessory is not bad  bit could be better when I compared to the VikeePro and some other accessories you would find on Amazon

The TEC.BEAN comes with two batteries and is the same as the SJCAM and VIKEEPRO battery so if you want extras you can buy them on Amazon but be sure you are getting the correct one  As for audio it’s not bad but keep in mind if you have the case on the camera sound will be muffled so an external source might the best and you most likely are going to cut the audio out if you are making a underwater youtube vacation video .


So yes the camera is inexpensive than some other sport cameras out there, but is it even worth it? I would say treed lightly and maybe get a SJCam and VikeePro too and return the ones you don’t want!. Another thingis the video quality seemed more 1080P then 4k on the display screen with a few other 4k camera I’ve tested they looked sharp like 4k is supposed to be but maybe that is just the display screen, If you are looking for a sports camera then this is one to help you compare to another one in your cart and see what works for you (Be sure to watch both videos in the post to help you with your decision and feel free to contact the seller and other customers on Amazon with questions)