Ever find yourself digging through your pockets or looking around the car wondering where you could have possibly put your phone? If yes then you defiantly need to be paying attention! Today I’m going to give you the break down of the TaoTronics Smartphone Holder for Car Window & Dashboard. First before we start getting into the details of the stand, I want to mention the fast shipping, great customer service, and the great packaging!


  • Rotates 360 degrees in every angle
  • Weight: 159g
  • Color: Black
  • Compatible with all iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S series, Note series, Nokia Lumia series, and other smartphone that have body width of up to 3.9 inches.

The Review:

First lets start from taking it straight out of the box. Out of the box you will see two different pieces to the holder, these are very easily snapped together and stands really sturdy once done so. After that you will notice the very strong suction cup, this is something that some people are scared off by because of the pain in the butt a suction cup can bring.. Well with this holder comes a lever right beside the suction cup making it very easy to take the suction cup off without any problems at all.

Now you may be asking yourself “how in the world does this thing move in 360 degrees” well its a simple answer, The holder of the phone sits on a ball axis allowing it to move freely, right below the ball axis you will find a simple knob that will tighten and loosen how freely the ball axis moves, as seen in the picture below:

After you notice all of that good stuff it will lead you to look at the actual holder of the phone. This is one of my favorite parts about the holder because its unlike anything I’ve seen in a car holder! Now before you go playing around trying to shove your phone in the stand, realize that TaoTronics made this a very easy process. There is a release button that is easily accessible on the side of the stand as seen here:

This button allows the arms to open up to about 3.9 inches, allowing not only smartphones in the stand but also small GPS’s! The grip on the back is also a bonus to make sure your device is safe and properly secured. Also, I’d like to mention the Warranty card in the box making it easily returnable to TaoTronics on a 30 day worry free money back guarantee.

In Conclusion:

This Holder is top-notch in every way you could imagine. The only problem I could possibly find with the whole thing was there was no instruction manual, but this product was very simple to work and put together, so no worries there. The stand has done very well while I’ve had it and I’ve put it through every test I could possible think of! I would prefer it to anybody that has a hard time keeping up with their phone in the car or just anybody that uses their GPS on their phones. Also, can’t beat the price for only $19.49.


Check them out here: TaoTronics website


This is a 10/10 with no doubt – Awesome phone holder