What TakeAction is?

TakeAction is the weekly planner app for iOS. Made especially for people who want to achieve their long-term goals. They can easily plan their week routine and control completing tasks in time. Except for task management there is also a story attached. We have created a special character – Achi. Each completed task pushes Achi a step closer to the mountain peak. If a user completes all the tasks, Achi reaches the destination and put a flag on it. Done!lifestyle-photo-5

Main Features

  • ‣  Goals Describer – you know exactly where your actions lead you.
  • ‣  Mood Booster – Motivational messages keep you pushing forward even when you have a bad day.
  • ‣  Achievements – Complete your weekly tasks and deserve a Medal. Completing the whole month will give you an extra Trophy

    Achi Story

    To make this app look alive we have created something that was never seen before. Our app has its own hero like in games! Achi is a white ball which loves reaching mountain peaks. Actions of the user push it forward and Achi reaches the peak when all tasks are completed. It also motivates the user and sends notification alerts.


✓ 3D Touch
✓ Apple Watch ✓ iOS 10 Widget ✓ 100% Swift 3

✓ Simple ✓ Powerful ✓ Intuitive ✓ Beautiful ✓ Friendly


Release Date

March 18st 2016. Exclusively for iPhone. Price: $9.99. 

** Oct 24 – Nov 1 ** 100% discount for a limited time! **
** This app will never be free again. Regular price is $/9.99/€ **


iPhone 5 or better. iOS 10 or newer.

More Questions?

If you have any questions about TakeAction please contact us contact@takeactionapp.com

App Store ➡ http://apple.co/1pPSJ7e

Website http://takeactionapp.com 

Twitter https://twitter.com/TakeAction_ 

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/takeactionapp/ 

Instagram  ➡ https://www.instagram.com/takeactionapp/ 

Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgn3vB_KpfY2WgQOFb7on5Q



My name is Adam Smaka and I live in Olsztyn, Poland, Europe. I’m 27 years old.

TakeAction is my first application in my life. I put all my heart to do it the best I can.

Beside Swift Developing I love train Mixed Martial Arts. Before it I was breakdancing about ~10 years.

My goal is to make a world better place. Most companies are focusing on distractions and wasting their users time. Games, Netflix, funny YouTube videos, Facebook… I aim to progress my users, develop their mind and help them achieve their goals.

Twitter: @adam_smaka