Chances are you are reading this on your computer or other electronic products like TV, smartphone, iPad, and you might of heard from morning tv programs that it’s necessary to have a rest when you stay long with these high-tech products, but sometimes or most times, we can’t! Because we just work with computer, or we love watching TV, playing computer games. In the case of these, eye strain and health damage can be unavoidable. T’aime high-tech computer eyewear is typically designed to protect our eyes, optimize and enhance our vision. Built with the lens technology, T’aime eyewear helps you overpower those endurance sessions in front of the digital screen, giving a new definition to longevity. So what do I think about these glasses read on…

Where ? : Taime 

So as I said in the video below your first time using this product will take a bit of adjustment as it will feel odd but soon you will get used to it I was given this advice by Taime and it was indeed true if you have ever used driving at night glasses then you have used computer glasses before Taime offers many different designs in fact when I went back to there website I couldn’t find the model I had. As I pointed out there were some Taime glasses on eBay but those have disappeared so for now I am directing you to there official website

Why do you need/want a pair? 

Well that’s a simple question but maybe this blog post might help solve this problem

How do these glasses compare with Gunnar Optiks?

If you want my personal opinion I think any of the computer glasses do the same purpose so it’s all about the name and design just like Chips Ahoy and Store Brand chocolate chips are about the same just a different way they marketed and designed their product but it all comes at cost


After using these glasses for about two months total , I couldn’t find any problems besides giving the glasses enough time for me to adjust The glasses offers style and eye protection from the macbook pro and iPad’s screen to help prevent (CVS) and eye strain I am very happy with this pair of computer glasses

Rating 10/10 –Impressed


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