If you are confined to use a OLD Slow computer or you have a lot of junk data stored and you want your computer to work faster, then here you go. System Mechanic is a software from IOLO that is typically programmed to work on this stuff. The software  is available on their website for $39.95 for Windows 7,XP,Vista and 8. So is this thing worth paying 40 bucks? We’ll find out in this review.

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First of all, what is it confined to?


If I have to give a short and simple description of System Mechanic, it’d be – “System Mechanic is basically advanced(kind of more) form of CCleaner which is not limited to perform single tasks“.  It analyses statistics of computer at various levels like registry, core, operating system files etc and detect problems which are fixed just by a single click on Repair button which then requires restart of computer.  You have various tools in toolbox tab which are filtered by two tabs – “All in one Tools and Individual tools” which contains tools like PC Repair, PC Accelerator, PC cleaner(in all in one tools) and Energy Boost, StartUp Optimiserm, Memory Mechanic etc ( in individual tools) which are pretty useful. The computer on which I’m writing this article is about 3 years old. The machine is working quite faster than before after installation of System Mechanic. However there is no drastic increase in speed. I still get some lags and scanning my PC with System Mechanic  every single time detects problems and every time fixing and reboot is required.

The entire user interface is divided into the tabs and sub-tabs as described above which is easy to navigate.  After detecting and analysing problems, it does give some recommendation and a review tab to look into the matter more closely. The best part of software is Automated tasks. Basically it automates some tasks based on sources like Secure, Repair, Optimize maintain. Well I’ll put the picture below so that you can have a look more closely. The real time optimization feature that can fully be accessed from Live Boost tab works on OPTICORE, RAMJET and ACCELEWrite ethics. OPTICORE optimises CPU resources and improves programme responsiveness. RAMJET makes the best use of your RAM and ACCELEWRITE  opitmises file organisation. As far as practical use goes, it’s pretty good. My PC now boots faster than before, and performs well but as i mentioned above it’s not drastic.

Internet security tabs recognises the  which antivirus is presently installed and firewall status of your PC.


Conclusion: So overall buying this software is worth. It can specially be  used when you have a pretty-damn old pc and want some kind of solution to start-up slowdowns and performance issues.


System Mechanic in Pictures:















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