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Syncwire 4 Port USB Travel Wall Charger for US/UK/EU



So as most of us know Apple still hasn’t created a wall plug that has more than one usb port or has redesigned their lighting cables built well enough to last but I’ll save the cable story for another time. So we are forced to check out other brands if we want to charge more than one device at a time which who doesn’t have more then device ie. smartphone, tablet , e reader (do we still use those?) I’ve tried many chargers in 6 years and I can say comfortability that their are some downright ugly looking travel chargers some look like big fat bullets others come with bulky accessories but recently I got to check out this charger from Syncwire never heard of them before so I said to myself it looks great in design, I like how they label and tell us which ports are the 1amp and 2.4amps usually I always prefer a smart charger or a charger that has all the ports as 2.4 but this one as grown on me since the design is simple and doesn’t take up alot of space in my backpack. The charger also didn’t warm or hot with more than one device plugged in as some other wall chargers have in the past for me but you will want to put the extra adaptors into a plastic bag so you don’t lose them

As for the the packaging which isn’t big deal but it was a bit of challenge to get the charger out

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Chief Editor,casual dude just doing my thing on this rock getting the job done

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