Ok as I said in my Syncwire charger review Apple has updated the devices and software alot but never really cared to upgrade the cables the chargers now if you know me I prefer to use a braided cable with aluminum (metal ends on the usb and lighting part) but there’s a few select cables out there I will let into my life that are like a twin of apple’s cable but wait for it… BUILT better and that is where this product comes in,of course the cable has an identifying mark of the syncwire logo on the usb end. This cable seems to be somewhat better in durability but at least they work well for syncing and charging my iPhone and iPad mini and are holding up so far. So as you heard in the video if you found the review from my youtube video I told you that this cable is more for people who like the apple cable and it’s made from the same with a coated rubber which tends to feel greasy both ends but I’m learning to live with it since my macbook cable is made of this material . The (USB and LIGHTNING PORT) are made of an aluminum which is very rare for a cable to be a almost twin of apple’s sync cable so I would put this up on my list of nice sync cables along with my favorite braided cables.

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