I love running so it would make fit why the Switch Easy FreeRunner™ is a Super Strong, shock-absorbing case designed for those who like to play hard! Inspired by street athletes is the first ruggedized case styled in an urban design language. The case is ultra rugged and slim at the same time using the SwitchEasy™ UltraFrame™ hard protection system.Innovation of the FreeRunner™ is the introduction of a fully PC front cover with a tactile home button that not compromises any of the functionality of the iPhone. The result is a bold and super rugged protective case that you will love at first sight. Switcheasy protects not only your phone and your reputation, but they care about the inside of your phone as well. With integrated connector protectors, dust and grime become problems of the past and it wont crack nor have any loose ends. Therefore the FreeRunner™ is the last case for your iPhone for those who live a bit more wild than the rest.