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Switcheasy Cocoon



So if you just got one of those shiny new Macbook pro’s and
you aren’t a big fan of installing plastic or
sticker like shield then you will love the Cocoon
from Switcheasy cases the
leader in giving you “everything but
the kitchen sink” cocoon™ is a super strong
polycarbonate case to protect your MacBook Pro 13” with Retina
display from dents and scratches. cocoon™ has a textured top
and bottom surface to prevent scratching of the case and has sides
that are polished to create that extra highlight on the product.
It’s quite easy to take on and off but once you get it on you wont
want to take it off that I am sure of . Cocoon™ comes
initially in 4 fantastic colors (Smoke Black, Milky White, Slate
Grey, Yellow Jade) which will complement any fashion need. I
have the slate gray and I think works just as good to show
the apple logo through the case not sure how that would be with
black but I know if you like that apple logo to show though But any
of the other colors should show though, Cocoon™ for retails for
$49.99 USD in U.S., and open price for the rest of the
world The only thing Cocoon™ comes with besides the
case is a nice Microfiber wipe which is still a nice touch to help
keep the case and Macbook looking its best just don’t blow your
nose into it otherwise you will be out of luck Overall my time with
these case might be the best since I don’t really like wet installs
of protectors and like to add a bit of personalization to my
devices Be sure to check out the many other great Macbook accessories
Switcheasy has to offer

Chief Editor,casual dude just doing my thing on this rock getting the job done

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