Summer is almost here and that means long car rides with family ,kids who louder than normal that you end up forgetting something you need for your trip well providing you don’t forget your phone you can download this simple app called Suitcases for $.99 in the iOS app store  the name Suitcases speaks for itself. It has been devised for the general mass as a matter of keeping them reminded of the things that have to be secured right before the occurrence of an event, particularly for the following, When you open the app, you will see that there are three suitcases labeled for different travel plans. There are many things inside every suitcase. To be more particular, they are all essentials. For instance, by clicking on the “Beach Trip” suitcase, you will see that there are items presented categorically to keep you in order. Aside from the three, you will be able to add more suitcases.? Want to add more suitcases for certain events that you need to just press the plus button on the right ?After adding a suitcase, name it and then add as much as items in it that you think would be fit for your travel plan. Just click on the categories and automatically, the essentials will be listed accordingly. Overall I think Suitcases is a simple yet an ultimate iPhone app for everyone. If you don’t want to jeopardize important events,download Suitcases app now!

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