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Storyleather Side Flip iPhone 5 Case



Beyond custom logo cases most of my friends and co-worker know I love handmade leather items and the Custom Premium Leather Case With Side-Fold Leather Cover from StoryLeather is bound to tell a story with your friends too but lets talk about the company for a bit Story which is a company founded on the premise that everyone has a story to tell about themselves. Personal stories told through a person’s style with what they wear and what they carry with them.  Custom Premium Leather Case With Side-Fold Leather Cover from StoryLeather is made of  the highest quality fine grain leather combined with the best stitch work to give you a premium quality leather case. The case sorta reminds me of SGP Spigen cases but the one thing you can’t customize Spigen cases so that’s where StoryLeather comes in. If you remember a while back I did a review on the Zenus iPhone case this case sorta resembles the same quality but again its about being in control of your style when customizing this case and that’s something you can’t even get from Zenus Until now I have yet to find a custom leather case for any device one thing I really liked about this iPhone 5 case is that the earpiece cutout on the front so you don’t have to bend the case or use a bluetooth headset to take a call you will also notice full access at the top and bottom of the case to dock,speaker,mic,headphone jack  another thing I liked is that instead of a button snap this case features a magnetic snap to keep the case close But bear in mind being able to customize a case to your liking and with anything leather comes at priced and can set you back  around $99 base price not including some extras like logo Stamping. On the inside of the case just like the Zenus you have a place to put one card and your cash for some reason I found it easy to use when I put cash on the inside. But don’t think they stop at just phone cases Story also makes Wallets,eReader and tablet cases too So why don’t you tell your story and create a custom case today!

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