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STK 4000mAh Emergency Power Bank



If there is something I always say you can never have enough energy both for yourself and your devices that’s why you should always have a back up of a back up of your backup rechargeable battery  and that’s where the The STK 3 in 1 Power Bank from MobileFun comes into play this is a very versatile device that can offer back up and charging power to many devices. It comes with three different connectors that make it compatible with most smartphones this charger is up to date Apple lightning,30 pin connector,and microUSB. The connectors can be used simultaneously therefore allowing you to charge multiple devices but I can’t recommend this way of charging unless you have an extender cable for each device since there isn’t a lot of cable to charge them all at the same time Now the battery among some other iPhone 5S Chargers has a huge 4000mAh the LED lights show how full the battery is while charging the power bank and how much power is left when using the power bank to charge your device. In case you are wondering 4000mAh is enough power to charge an iPhone 5S over 2.5 times and most other smartphones around 2 times. Something I thought that was cool about this power bank then some others I have looked at there’s a button which allows you to choose between 0.5A and 1.0A output giving you the option of charging speeds for different devices, most modern smartphones need 1A but if you wish to charge an older device simply switch it to 0.5A and you can charge at the manufacturers desired charging rate. Overall this power bank is a very small device measuring 26(L) x 90(W) x58(T) mm, it’s also light in weight weighing only 103.5g. These attributes make the Power Bank the perfect portable power source for you smart phone and other devices, ideal for taking on camping, festivals and holidays I take this along as a backup to my regular power bank when I know  I will be gone for a while other wise this STK power bank is just right for the daily life of just going out of the office to the coffee shop or dinar

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