I’ve reviewed quite a bit of wireless ear buds and one thing I can say is no two are a like and today is yet another sports ear bud review from a company called Soundbot which began with a simple mission to develop a quality audio accessory portfolio inspired by the active lifestyle in Southern California (and aboard like New Hampshire). Just like in New Hampshire they can surf, ski, mountain bike, and do pretty much any activity 365 days a year. Their attention to detail has enabled them to build a high quality product that was inspired by you.    Today I am reviewing SoundBot® SB557 Bluetooth 4.0 IPX5 Sports Active Wireless Earbuds but how well does it work? lets find out…

Product Name: SoundBot® SB557 Bluetooth 4.0 IPX5 Sports Active Wireless Earbud

Where ? : soundbot.com /Amazon.com

Price : $22.99

The Review:

The packaging, is a simple box which shows the SoundBot® SB557 though a see-thru window for retail purposes The headset does have an identifying mark the Soundbot logo on the right side.  The headset does come with an Instruction manual in English as well a USB cable to charge there a cloth bag to protect the headset from dust or you can just keep it around your neck while running and again on the right side of the headset you will find the power ,charging port (micro-usb) and volume buttons and back and forward are the same , play/pause and call answer/hangup button is the same only when you are getting a call does this turn into the call button the mic is also on this side of the headset


This headset is very easy to pair just turn on your bluetooth setting on your device then your turn on the speaker and search for SB557 with your device

Sound Quality:

I used this for a few weeks and I found the headset was ok when using Spotify,Pandora while connected to my tablet and smart phone there were a few times it cut out but that’s because I was in a dead area (near a lot of metal and walls where the signal couldn’t pass though)


So yes the headset is priced affordable, but is it even worth it? I would say yes if you’re going to be walking around  or jogging/biking for fun. One thing I didn’t like about this and I guess it might be one personal flaw I really ever found with a soundbot product for me they were really that comfortable even with the “ear wings” on the buds they wouldn’t stay in So in all it’s still not bad for a sports headset,The final score averages out to be a 8 out of 10, but that takes into account everything (would of been a complete 10 of 10 if they would have stayed in my ear but keep in mind this is just me)

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