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SoundBot® SB510 HD Water Proof Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker



If you are like me then you sometimes grab the portable speaker or iPhone and put it on the counter when you take a shower  so when I saw there was a company that made products that made a “water resistant” speaker I had to check it out  So I looked into then SoundBot® SB510 HD Water Proof Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker but how well does it work? lets find out…

Where ? :

Price : $59.99 USD$14.99 SALE

The Review:

The packaging, is a clear box which shows the SoundBot® speaker  for retail purposes it does say Waterproof on the packaging but I should note that its water resistant

DSC02032 DSC02031

The speaker doesn’t have any identifying marks on it besides the word “DC: 5v” by the charging port


The speaker does  come with a Instruction manual in English as well a dc-USB cable to charge  there is no line in for this speaker  Another cool extra is you get a suction cup for putting it up on a mirror not the shower

DSC02040 DSC02041

On the front of the speaker you will find the power, play/pause , back and forward call button as well as the mic



This speaker is very easy to pair just turn on your bluetooth setting on your device then hold down the power button for 3 sec to pair with your device

Sound Quality:

I used these for a few weeks and I found this speaker was terrific for using Spotify, watching YouTube videos my tablet and phone and  from my Macbook I used this mostly to stream my spotify songs and found that the more hollow the object the better the sound


So yes the speaker is inexpensive , but is it even worth it? I would say yes if you want a bluetooth speaker you won’t  break the bank then with some other same powerful speakers  The speaker does seem well made as but I am not a big fan suction cups unless  they have a stickiness to them like most car mounts have

So in all it’s not bad for a bluetooth speaker,But I think they could fix the problem with the suction grip maybe use a stronger sticky something that is used in car mounts The final score averages out to be a 9 out of 10, but that takes into account everything,

+Seems well made
+Sound is very good and lives up to being a nice “outside the shower” Bluetooth Speaker
-Needs a better sticky grip that will hold under steamy showers


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