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SGP iPhone 4 / 4S Screen Protector- Ultra Oleophobic



I don’t think I can say this enough like I said in the past If you havent tryed any product
from Spigen then where have you been besides you knowing I love the
glas screen protector my next favorite is the SGP iPhone 4 / 4S Ultra Oleophobic Screen Protector which can picked up at Mobilefun If you have kids or nephews in my case sometimes you hand off your phone for them to play where’s my water or Angry birds and we all know they will touch your phone’s screen and that will invariably coat it in a thin-film
of oil and grease using a microfiber cloth to wipe the screen does not remove this oil, so you phone’s screen becomes more and more susceptible to fingerprint marks and a rainbow sheen in sunlight.
The oleophobic coating of this screen protector is designed to actively repel oil, resulting in a cleaner screen with excellent
clarity. So that’s where the SGP Ultra Oleophobic screen protectors comes in to help solve this pesky problem they are rated at a surface hardness of 3H. This means it provides exceptional
protection against scratches and scrapes, whether it be from impact
damage or just the keys in your pocket and This screen protector
has been custom-made for the iPhone 4 / 4S, so you can be sure of a
perfect, almost invisible fit. SGP also uses a special silicone
glue that does not damage your screen, results in fewer air bubbles
and no residue on removal. Overall when you hear Steinheil or
Spigen you know you are hearing of a product that is tested to keep
up with your busy life style but don’t forget to get yourself a
iPhone 4s case to go along with your SGP protector


Chief Editor,casual dude just doing my thing on this rock getting the job done

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