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SD 2 in 1 Touch-Screen Stylus and Pen Review



Having a stylus is ideal for a tablet or a mobile phone with a large screen, eg. LG G2 or Oppo N1. A stylus allows you to operate your screen with accuracy and keep your screen clean because you are not using your fingers therefore no oils will get on the screen. It is also ideal if you are big into drawing or just want to jot down some notes really fast. Today, I will be taking a look at the SD 2 in 1 stylus and pen , which has the normal stylus tip on one end and a real pen on the other side, let’s see how it performs.

Worth the Purchase ? : Yes
Where ? : GearZap
Price : £9.95

Features :

  • Compatible with all capacitive touchscreen tablets and phones
  • Unique 2-in-1 stylus has a built-in pen for off-screen writing
  • Rounded stylus tip allows for precise and accurate on-screen interaction
  • Ergonomic shape allows for comfortable use

I have used this stylus for 3 weeks on the Microsoft Surface RT. The design of the SD stylus pen is quite simple and to the naked eye looks like a normal pen; until you look abit closer at the top, where the stylus tip is housed. It is constructed out of a premium feeling metal material and is quite sturdy, I had no worry that if I dropped the pen I would break it. Thanks to the simple design, I was able to use the pen In school without anyone being curious about what I was using, this gave me the ability to use the pen on my Galaxy S4 while on lunch, without getting my device dirty, sweet.

How do you get the pen tip out? You may be asking, well its quite simple. All you do is twist the upper part of the pen clockwise and then to retract it, simply reverse that step. The transition is very smooth with no stickiness, which I’ve experienced with some pens. Overall

After using this stylus/pen for 3 weeks, I can confidently say that this is the best pen and stylus combo I have used to date. It is light, easy to use, the stylus end is very accurate, it looks good and the pen end also writes very well, I must say. At the price of only £9.95, there is no reason not to dive on this great product.

Rating – 9/10 – Must buy if you have a tablet or a phone with large display. Check out some awesome iPad Accessories from GearZap.    

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