There’s so many light bulbs out on the market now it can be a crazy task to hunt down something that fits both what is best for you and your lifestyle, Recently I came across a pack of led bulbs that would be great for a video or photoshoot or outside on the patio in a fixture I already was sold on the led bulbs from Tenergy  which I reviewed earlier this week so when I saw these I said “I’ve got to try it” So today I am going to review the Sansi 40 Watts Equivalent LED Light Bulb (4 Pack)

Where ? : Amazon

Provider:  Sansi

Product Specifications
Model: C21BB-RE26-5W
Socket: E26
Power: 5W (Replace 40W bulb)
Lumen: 500lm
Input Voltage: 90-264Vac
Dimming: Non-dimmable
Beam Angle: 180°
Color Temperature: 5000K
CRI: 80
Material: Ceramics & PC
Lifespan: 25,000 hours

So you might be thinking ok David yeah I know about LED Bulbs but what makes this different than others Well Their bulb features a one-of-a-kind hollow design that’s precision-engineered and constructed with high-end ceramics in an optical PC injection mold. It’s built for superior heat management, with a cool 5000k lighting output.

Of course this is what I pointed in the video some get confused when shopping for these new types of light bulbs The SANSI LED light bulb replaces your standard incandescent 40W light bulb at one TENTH of the energy consumption, reducing strain on both the environment and your wallet. And at 3 hours of use per day, a single SANSI bulb will last for about 22 years!

But the most important thing is customer service and making sure these bulbs are safe all SANSI bulbs are UL-Listed and to protect against electric shock, fire and other accidents. Day or night, you can rest easy with SANSI in your home, office or business.


After using this LED Bulb for a few weeks , I wasn’t able to find anything wrong it it’s small in size compared to my Tenergy LED 9W Light Bulb so it fit inside most small fixtures with a dome I think if you want to use this bulb in your home the warm light might be better saving the white light for outside which look good when viewing footage on a security camera