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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review!



The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has been out for nearly 4 months now, and, as my daily driver, it has served me really well. Let’s get right into the review.

As you probably already know, build quality is one of the things Samsung lacked in the past few years leading up to the S6 Edge, but that is now gone. Samsung has ditched the band-aid look for a really premium all metal and glass look. The phone looks and feels premium. Added in is also a new fingerprint scanner home button. Button placement is good, with the volume buttons on the left and power button on the right. The 5.1 inch display doesn’t feel huge in the hand, and of course, this is the edge model, which means there is a curved screen obviously, I’ll have more on that later in the video, but as of feel in the hang, in my opinion it is the perfect size and the premium feel is definitely something amazing.

However, with a new amazing design comes some flaws. The main obvious one being no MicroSD expansion or removable battery, that can be an issue for some, for me it’s not a huge issue however. Another con of the S6 edge is how slippery the phone is… So for the 3 weeks I’ve been using the phone, I’d say about 90% of the time I’ve had either a skin or case on the phone, in which I already made a review about that you can check out here. For the very few days I haven’t had a case on, I honestly felt scared I was going to drop the phone because the slippery glass and metal makes this phone very hard to not drop. I even felt safer holding an iPhone 6, which is saying something in it’s own. And also, my last build quality complaint is how much of a fingerprint magnet the phone is. I got the gold version, which may be more of a fingerprint magnet than others, but honestly I feel like I have to clean it off with a Microfiber cloth at least once a day.

Moving along, for the hardware and overall performance of this phone. Samsung opted away from Qualcomm chips for this flagship, and Samsung’s own 8 core Exynos 7420 chip is actuallly really impressive. Besides that, most specs are similar in today’s Android flagships.

Next, let’s talk about the “Edge” and display. So the Quad HD Super AMOLED display is… well beautiful. The PPI of 577 is just calling for a really really sharp display. I haven’t had any complaints with the display and colors are accurate. The display also gets REALLY REALLY bright which makes outdoor viewing a breeze. So for the Edge screen. This is something quite odd I’m about to say. So the edge screen, in my personal opinion, serves no real purpose at all… And it’s amazing. For functionality and use of the edge, I’ve honestly seen the edge come in handy a few times, but just looking and swiping from the end of the screen makes this edge display really fun to look at and play around with, but as for purpose, it’s just… OKAY. Would it justify a 100 dollar price jump? Probably not? Would I even recommend it for the price? Probably not.. but if you have an extra hundred bucks laying around go for it, you won’t be disappointed.

Sound quality is OKAY on the S6 edge, with bottom facing speakers. While bottom ones are slightly better than rear facing, they still aren’t front facing so I can’t say much when it comes to that. I have found though, it is very easy to accidently cover up the speaker when watching a video and you are holding the phone by it’s top and bottom pieces. Also, it should be noted call quality seemed good, when the mic wasn’t covered. So during the time I was using a Slickwraps skin, they actually didn’t have a hole for the microphone, so the entire time I used the skin, nobody could hear me and I thought I had broke the phone, but it turns out it was just the skin and once I removed it everything was fine.

Moving along, the camera for the S6 edge. One word, beautiful. The 16 megapixel rear shooter produced some of the highest quality images I have ever seen. The near spot on colors and detail in each picture truly made this an amazing camera experience. Doubling tapping the home button opens the camera app in less than a second, making the time it takes to snap a picture less than two seconds, which is truly incredible. ANd the camera app itself is actually really good! There’s a few different modes, all of the stuff you look for in a camera app, and it’s laid out pretty simple, I can’t complain. Video mode is really good too, with OIS, but only for 1080p 30 FPS video, which can get annoying if you want to record 4K or 60 FPS.

So you guys are thinking, so many great things about the S6 edge, there has to be cons. Well you are right: battery life. The S6 edge features a 2600 MAH battery. That paired with an octa core processor and quad hd display, makes battery life below average on the S6 edge. Usually I find myself having to recharge the phone for at least 15 minutes before 8 PM. At 5:30 PM at the time of me writing this, I have only 21 percent left and started the day at 100. I would easily take a bigger bulkier phone if it meant I could get through a full day of use, but sadly that’s not the case. Should be noted the S6 Edge does have Quick Charge, so you can get a 50% charge in just 30 minutes.

I’ve saved the most important part for the last slot of the review – the software experience. So as most of you probably know, Samsung ships it’s phones with a skinned version of Android on it – TouchWiz. So previous editions of TouchWiz have been slow, bloated, and too flash and overall a bad experience. Say goodbye to those days. The TouchWiz on the Galaxy S6 is very good and I only have a few complaints. So the phone is running 5.1 Lollipop, and my first time saying this: I enjoyed the software experience on this samsung phone. ALot of bloatware apps have been removed, although some are still included. And at least most of the bloatware apps are in an app drawer, so that way you don’t have to deal with them if you don’t want to look at them. In addition, of course the carrier will add in some apps, so AT&T had to throw in some stuff. Besides that, I am not seeing anything I don’t want to, and that’s all I ask for. Since the second day I got the phone, I have been using the Material Design theme however, which does make the phone look very similar to stock android, and maybe that’s why I have good reports of the experience. With it off however, I still can enjoy the phone, the theme I use just enhances it a bit. So to sum up the software: it’s fast, and new optimizations make TouchWiz speedy, and that’s all I need in a phone to be honest.

So that’s the conclusion of this review of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: All in all a great phone, with a few drawbacks. If you enjoyed the review, keep it tuned to NH Tech.

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