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I am not sure about you but I sorta remember the boom box days being 18 years old now but for those of you like Dave and lived though this era before iPods and had VHS’s and Cassiate tapes and want to relive this memory on your phone then Rocket Cases is the site to check out today I got the chance to check out the Ghetto Blaster which is a very easy snap on boom box looking case the case is made of  a hard plastic shell and there’s no lay on the table so if you like laying your phone down so your wife doesn’t see the some text you don’t want her to see you are out of luck my friend my suggestion get a screen protector and you will be able to rock your rocket case while laying it on the table if the boom box isn’t for you then I would check out the many other cases for the iPhone 5 Be sure to check out my fellow writer Josh’s post also on a Rocket case for the iphone 5