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RoadWarrior Micro USB Car Holder, Charger and FM Transmitter



if you are an Android smart phone owner and like using it while in the car then you are sure embrace the RoadWarrior Micro USB Car Holder, Charger and FM Transmitter a nice Samsung S4 phone accessory from Mobilefun The mount was designed to make car journeys more enjoyable and hassle-free, the RoadWarrior holds your smart phone safely and securely while charging it from your vehicle’s 12 or 24V power outlet and it features a built-in FM transmitter which connects to your in-car radio to allow streaming of music and calls through your car’s speakers. The car mount is made from a high quality polycarbonate and ABS composite, the RoadWarrior includes adjustable jaws which can extend to a height of 150 mm. This makes it ideal for use with large phones such as the Samsung S4 and with even bulky cases such as Ballistic HC Series cases. But the best part I loved about this car mount is the its an FM transmitting car kit which enables you to transmit music and calls from your mobile phone through your vehicle’s speakers, without the need for any technical installation. Simply plug the car holder into your vehicle’s electrical outlet and connect your phone to the device using the 3.5 mm audio jack. Tune the holder to the same blank frequency as that on your car radio and press play to stream music and calls from your mobile device I used this with a friend we went out on a ride called up a friend  and we were able to talk with them and my friend could still pay attention to the road Another very cool unique feature of this holder is that it includes a Micro USB connection for simultaneous charging of your smartphone when held within the RoadWarrior. Simply insert your phone into the holder and plug it into your car’s electrical outlet for instant charging of your device this sure comes in handy when you forget your PhoneSuit Battery and if you think its done there the mount is able to rotate 180° making it easy to find a comfortable angle either portrait or landscape. This makes the RoadWarrior perfect for using your phone to take calls hands-free, or as a GPS. I also didn’t have any trouble with the  a built-in microphone at the 3.5mm aux out connection which allows you to make hands-calls free from your handset and it includes noise canceling technology to make sure that your audio is loud and distinct. If a call comes through, your music is paused and the call is heard through your cars stereo speakers. But this is the best part along with my friend charging his phone I took was able to charge my iPhone on the side of the RoadWarrior unit is a 1 Amp USB charging port which allows you to use your existing charging cable to charge most mobile devices. This means that you can you can keep your phone’s battery charged when conducting battery intensive activities such as streaming music through the unit or when taking calls. Overall this might be the best mount I have used besides some dashboard mounts and I would totally recommend it

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