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Rmour Creatio Handcrafted 925 silver case now available for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus




iPhone users, rejoice! Team Creatio is back with an brand new case design for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Rmour is handcrafted ‘feather-light minimalist fashion’ that protects your Apple device.

When we think about mobile cases, we usually think of clunky, heavy and ugly items. Most mobile cases on the market make your device feel unnatural and distract from its intended design. So we set out to create a mobile case to change that. We wanted to redefine what mobile protection should look and feel like. What we ended up with was Rmour – a minimally designed and light-weight phone case that optimizes your mobile experience, not inhibits it. Rmour complements your iPhone 7 and makes it look better than ever before.


Life should be an adventure – don’t spoil it with a mishap to your iPhone 7. Be prepared with Rmour – the elegant handcrafted design that securely cradles your phone’s corners with the glow of fine gold.

Rmour gold-plated silver corners do more than shield your iPhone exterior from damage. They transform your hand-held device into a distinctive, yet versatile, fashion accessory.


Rmour’s sophisticated design works like a classic wardrobe basic that stays in sync with your active life… whether meeting clients at a posh restaurant, enjoying a relaxed outing with friends, or attending a formal weekend event.ld__09702

The minimalistic and light-weight mobile case alternative.

  • A protective phone accessory
  • Made of 925 silver with 18k gold plated
  • A practical and elegant handcrafted gift
  • Designed with sizes to fit all models of iPhone 6 and 7

*Rmour in solid gold & platinum available! Email them for your customized Rmour corners!


Check out Rmour’s Kickstarter page for more details and information.


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