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Review : Muc-Off Screen Cleaning Rescue Kit



Keeping your device’s clean can be a necessity for some people, but don’t want to pay crazy price’s for small packages, like the Monster Screen Cleaning Set. In this article, I will bringing you the review of the more affordable Muc Off Screen Cleaning Rescue Kit,so let’s see if the small package offer’s a big bang.

  Worth the Purchase? : Yes
Where? : Muc-Off
Price : 8.00 (250ml bottle of screen cleaner – £7.00)  
Best Feature’s

  • Nice size cloth
  • Affordable price
  • Leave’s no streak’s behind
  • 35ml screen cleaner bottle last quite a long time ( at least 100 spray’s)
  • Kill’s 99.9% of bacteria


The Muc Off Screen Cleaning Rescue Kit has been recommended to me by many people and after testing for over a week, I can now give you my full thoughts.   The 35ml spray bottle included with the Rescue Kit might look small, but after a week or so of using, the bottle was less than a quarter empty which is really impressive and I wouldn’t be surprised if you got over 100 sprays out of the bottle (An extra 250ml bottle is available when you run out). A large weave microfiber cloth is also included in the pack and is really high quality, the best microfiber cloth I’ve used to date.   When cleaning various sizes of displays you are going to require different amounts of the cleaning solution and as shown in the video below, one spray is needed for a 10.1 inch tablet and two is needed for a 15.6inch computer. Once the solution is on the microfiber cloth, spread it around the display equally, then wipe off carefully . Once done you will notice that there is no streaks left behind, the Rescue Kit does a great job of making your device’s display look brand new.  


  Don’t let the price tag of only £8 fool you , the Muc Off Screen Cleaning Rescue Kit is one of the best , if not the best screen cleaner I have ever tried. During my review, I compared the Muc Off Screen Cleaner vs polish and the Monster Screen Cleaner, the Muc Off Screen Cleaner won in every dimension, It didn’t leave any streaks, it killed 99.99% of germs and put’s up a barrier against fingerprint’s.   If your in anyway into keeping your technology clean , definetly pick up the Muc Off Screen Cleaning Rescue Kit, you won’t regret it.   Review : Muc-Off Screen Cleaning Rescue Kit

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