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How to record screen on your Android device



You probably wonder how to record screen on your Android device?  There’re pretty much many advantages of screencasting.  It is  better than recording your phone’s screen via Camera because it makes the video more vivid and viewers can interact with it more solely. Perhaps if you’ve a low-end camera, there are focusing issues, or if you don’t  have a  tripod your video can be shaky. So screen casting as per me is one of the best methods for producing  tutorials and app reviews. I uploaded a screencast on our YouTube Channel describing MOONSHINE, one of the best icon packs for Android. Click Here to check it out.


The method that I’m suggesting is rooting your device and using recording apps that require SUPERUSER permission. However if you’re on Nexus, you can use the ADB method which is root-free. There’re different methods which are root-free, but the best is the Root One. Cyanogenmod based ROMS have in-built screen recorder, but mostly they don’t work.


Things You’ll need:


Follow these steps:


  1. Download This App.
  2. Give SuperUser permission when it prompts.
  3. Click on the App icon and it will generate a pop-up, again on that pop-up click on the app icon and it will start recording.
  4. To stop recording simply click on the app icon again or turn off the screen.


The app is available is available for free on Play Store. However, there is a  paid version too. I’m using the free version in this tutorial.



In SCR settings there are pretty much standard options available. You turn on or OFF microphone for audio recording. You have three choice for the encoder- “H264, Software MPEG-4, MPEG-4 SP”. You can set the resolution, set output directory, Show Touches etc. The app automatically builds up presets  for your device resolution and you can have any of the preset based on your choice for resolution or you can simply set the resolution of your own choice from the Resolution Options.


Screenshot_2014-08-22-12-15-24 Screenshot_2014-08-22-12-15-32







Devanshu is passionate about Technology. His knowledge of Android OS makes him an asset for NH Tech he current produces android content both on our Youtube channel and our website well as keeping himself busy writing for his website he founded on December 2013 . Devanshu will always try his best to answer any question about everything related to Android you might have for him

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