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Rayman Fiesta Run Review



Rayman Fiesta Run

Rayman Fiesta Run brings a ton of new stuff to the table, while keeping all the amazing stuff that made the first game so successful.

The most noticeable thing that separates Fiesta Run from Jungle Run are the mexican food themed levels. You’ll be punching piñatas, jumping off happiest sausages in the world and swimming in ice-cold drinks. There is so much variety, diversity and color. The world and characters are very well animated, so that the game is just delightful to look at.

There are a ton of levels to play through and more are coming soon. As in Jungle Run you have to run, jump and punch enemies. New are 5 power-ups players can use. There are lives, punches and a path guide you can buy. They aren’t overly expensive and don’t feel like cheats. In some levels the character is sized down, so that Lums are bigger than the character you’re playing with. There are also all sorts of new obstacles, enemies and bosses, however they aren’t particularly interesting, because you’re just running from them. The goal in each level is once again to collect as many funky flying Lums. New there is that for collecting Lums you free Tenssies. This is a nice new addition, giving purpose to collecting the yellow sprites and not simply aiming for bragging rights. When player executes a perfect run an invasion level is unlocked. Invasion levels are simply standard levels, but reworked with more obstacles and are way more challenging.

For every Teensie you collect, you’ll move one space on a new sprawling world map, unlocking a variety of goodies in the process. Earning new fields, characters, art, and powers after just about every level left me feeling confident in my platforming ability and always kept me in the mood to play just one more level. The map also gives you the ability to see where your friends are, if you’re connected to Facebook. Game Center achievements and leaderboard are still there though.

Controls remain the same as in Jungle Run, which means that they are simple and responsive. This is especially important, because precise timing is the key here.

I had some anxiety about in-app purchases ruining the experience, but as it turns out I was wrong. You can easily complete the entire game without a need to buy more Lums, which can be used to buy characters and gallery images.

Background music is childish, but well composed and definitely compliments the game well.


I 100% completed Jungle Run and as I said I had some anxiety, because the game has radically changed from Jungle Run, but I got used to it pretty quickly. Changes are all for the better. With gorgeous art style, simple touch controls and excellent level design Rayman Fiesta Run is worth every penny. It’s not for everyone, but kids will love it. It’s mobile runner platformer perfected, however I’m still waiting for that Rayman Legends port.

+art style
+level design
-boring boss battles

Rayman Fiesta Run is available in the App Store and Google Play for $2.99.




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