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Quiksilver Redemption Hard Case for Samsung Galaxy S4



So you don’t know of Quiksilver
then you must be living under a rock I first heard of them a while
go by my good friend Liam from Tekbloggers It’s basically
started out as surfwear and
boardsport equipment company but grew into clothing
and now an ongoing partnership with Proporta they have
branched out to not get their designs on you but also your
smartphone since we all know in todays day of age that a smart
phone is no different then a pair of sox So today I bring you
the review of the Proporta
Quiksilver Redemption Hard Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

from Mobilefun This case
is designed to give superior protection for your S4, the single
piece Proporta hard case is thermoformed from tough and resilient
Polycarbonate. Incredibly impact resistant and finished with a
Polyurethane coating Now one thing to note is that if you are
looking for the lay on the table action then you are out of luck as
this case doesn’t come with a screen protector which you
would need since the case doesn’t have those nice edges
needed for lay on the table but don’t worry this case will
make sure that the back, sides and vulnerable corners of your
device are protected against knocks, drops and scratches
and this hard case snaps onto the back of your S4 to give
tough protection to the back of your S4 without hindering the
phone’s functions such as access to the charging port, camera and
LED light. Overall if you want to make your friends jealous with a
modern multi-coloured Quiksilver case that looks great. Whether you
are keeping up with the latest fashion or simply want to add a
style than any other S4
you have looked at , this case will not
let you down in its look or function.

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